Finally a crossover project, Creative furniture and cabinetry and CFC laser art.  It has become a tradition
started when I had more talent than money to make the gift box for relatives weddings.  This one is for
my sister.  I always try to work on the edge of my technology and capability.  With God's help, this is the
There are 5
different species
of  veiner on the
front.  All were
laser cut with our
new machine.  
The lid was
engraved with a
scan of their
invitation.  The
prop was cut with
the laser, it cuts
acrylic too.
The top of the lid is engraved to look
and feel like wicker
click picture for better look
The inner lid is engraved with hearts
and a slot for gift cards to be put in
during the reception.
Cake topper to match
Metal ( knives )